Nummi is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2019 with a mission of becoming one of the most leading and fast growing crypto exchange platforms in Africa and around the globe.

What does Nummi mean?

Nummi is plural for Nummus; it's a Latin term meaning "coin", but used technically by modern writers for a range of low-value copper coins issued by the Roman and Byzantine empires during Late Antiquity.

It comes from the Greek nomos via its Western Doric form noummos, which was used to describe a coin in some parts of southern Italy. The word was also used during the later years of the Roman Republic and the early Empire, either as a general word for a coin, or to describe the sestertius, which was the standard unit for keeping accounts. [Source Wikipedia]

With this we saw it fitting to name our exchange after a term that was used for a coin centuries ago, the twist is that now in a digital age Nummi allows people across the world to buy and trade "digital coins".