What is Nummi?

Nummi is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform where users and traders can buy, sell, exchange, and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In which countries does Nummi operate?

Currently, you can use Nummi in: South Africa for exchange in local currency with plans to launch in other countries in the near future.
Though Nummi only operates in South Africa with local currency, users from all over the world can still trade cryptocurrencies on Nummi’s platform.

What does Nummi offer you?

Nummi offers you an opportunity to the Bitcoin market in your local currency, quickly, easily and with competitive fees in the continent.

What do I need to be a Nummi user?

The first thing you should do is register register and have an active bank account in your name to make your transactions, both deposits and withdrawals in local currency. We do not accept transactions to bank accounts that are not owned by you.

How do I register?

On our website navigate to Sign Up and complete the form. When you have filled out the form, you will receive an e-mail with a user confirmation link. After user confirmation, you must login and upload the required documents for identity verification. If the user is a company or business, you must register tax information of the legal representative and the company in question.

What documents do I need to verify my account?

To verify your account and be able to make deposits and withdrawals in FIAT currency you must attach documents in one of the following methods , (1) National Identity Document according to your country or Passport, (2) Attach the image of the front and back of your ID card or driver's license, (3) A Utility statement or bank statement or credit card statement specifying your address, please note verification process can take up to 72 working hours to be processed.

In case of having dual citizenship, can I still participate in Nummi?

You must register in a single country (the country of residence) and then register all the bank accounts of all the countries you wish , within the ones available on our platform, following the steps of validation in each case. Remember that we only accept bank transfers from accounts where the owner is the registered user, so at the validation level you must attach your second passport or other national identification with which you have opened the bank account in the other currency you wish to register.

How do I make my first deposit in local currency?

It is simple. Once your Nummi account has been validated, go to the Wallet section, choose the currency to be used and click on "Deposit", choose one of the available means to charge the balance, the bank transfer being the most common. Place the amount you wish to deposit and click on "Next", view and confirm all the details and click "Deposit Made", you will receive an email with the confirmation of your deposit. In a period of 24 to 48 business hours your deposit will be verified.

How do I make deposits in BTC?

You must login and go to the Wallet Wallet section, find Bitcoin logo and click on "Receive". Read the warning message displayed and confirm by clicking "Show Address" below you will see the public address of your wallet and a QR Code, copy the address to deposit Bitcoins in your Nummi account. The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001 BTC, we require at least 3 confirmations of the network before we can credit your deposit, the confirmation of the transaction can take from 1 to 24 hours depending on the blockchain network speed and congestion.

Are there any fees payable?

Yes, please visit our Fees page.

How do I withdraw my balance in local currency?

Make sure you have a balance in your local currency wallet

In your back office go to the Wallet section, find the local currency icon/logo, click on “Withdraw”, select the bank account you wish to withdraw to, enter the amount and click "Withdraw". Follow the security verification process. Withdrawals can take up to 72 business hours. Withdrawals will be processed from Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm (GMT +2) subject to local bank clearance hours, withdrawals made outside of these hours will be processed on the next business day.

How do I get my wallet address?

You must login and go to the Wallet section, find any of the cryptocurrency’s logo you want to view the address and click on "Receive". Read the warning message displayed and confirm by clicking "Show Address" below you will see the public address of your wallet and a QR Code, copy the address or scan the QR code.

If someone sends me Bitcoins, how do I confirm that they were credited?

For every transaction you make in your account, you will receive a confirmation email. The same happens if someone else makes a transaction to send you Bitcoins. You will receive a confirmation by email at the time of accreditation. Also in your back office on dashboard you will be able to see an incoming transaction and once its confirmed it will show as "completed".

What is the minimum amount of purchase and sale of Bitcoins?

The minimum amount for the purchase and / or sale of Bitcoins is 0.0005 Bitcoins.

What are the accreditation times for operations at BTC?

This process may take up to 24 business hours depending on the bitcoin network speed.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, the transactions of this currency are made directly between users and also through our platform, without intermediaries and without bureaucratic procedures. Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology as a platform for transactions. For more information, visit:https://bitcoin.org/faq

Is Bitcoin safe?

Yes, thanks to Blockchain technology, Bitcoin is the safest currency in the world. Due to its cryptographic nature, every transaction in Bitcoins is unique, unrepeatable, indelible, anonymous and irreversible.

How much is Bitcoin worth?

The price of Bitcoin does not have a fixed value. It varies according to supply and demand and not homogeneously. The value of Bitcoin can vary from country to country and between exchange houses.

In which countries is Bitcoin used?

Bitcoin can be used in all countries of the world, as long as the recipient of the money accepts Bitcoin as a transfer of value. There is a growing number of companies and people who use this cryptocurrency as a means of payment. In many countries, the accelerated development of this cryptocurrency is such that there are numerous e-commerce companies that accept Bitcoins, as well as conventional stores. There are even Bitcoin ATMs in some countries, terminals that allow users to deposit or withdraw money directly from their Bitcoin wallets.

How can I use my Bitcoins?

You simply must obtain the address of the recipient of the money and pay for products and services in places where the currency is accepted as a payment method.

Are there other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin?

Yes, there are many other cryptocurrencies. The second most important worldwide is Ethereum.Then there are others which can be purchased and traded on our platform the likes of; Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Neo, Gas, Dash, among many others which are available in the world.

Can Bitcoins be stolen?

Yes, Bitcoins can be stolen. In almost all cases, this occurs due to unauthorized access to personal keys. If you follow certain basic safety rules, this is totally avoidable. By operating with us, and following our recommendations, your Bitcoins and transactions will be 100% secure. We always recommend using a second authentication factor in our platform.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a P2P network (Peer to Peer) in which each member registers and validates each and every one of the transactions carried out in it. It is a succession of "blocks" (sets of transactions) encrypted, and ordered chronologically.

How does Blockchain work?

Each transaction is encrypted. Each member of the network chronologically stores the records of the transactions, without being able to modify the content. This makes the transactions irreversible.
These general characteristics are what give this network the status of "the safest in the world".

Is Blockchain safe?

Blockchain is "the safest network in the world" where each transaction is encrypted and validated by each and every one of its members all over the world. In order for Blockchain to cease to exist, each one of the hundreds of thousands of servers that compose it must disappear. While there is a server, the Blockchain will exist.

Who administers Blockchain?

No one person or organization does. It’s done by everyone who is a ‘node’, which means they keep a record of the Blockchain on their computer, and verify transactions, called blocks. With so many nodes all over the world verifying the transactions, it’s essentially impossible to hack and change the Blockchain.

Can I make transactions from any financial institution?

If the financial institution can make electronic transfers to banks, yes. You can add balance from any entity with that capacity. Take into account the possible fees for these transactions, in addition to the fee that Nummi charges for services.

What security mechanisms does Nummi use?

Nummi makes use of verification by e-mail. Double authentication factor, cold storage server and internally we operate a security verification system.

How do I change the password of my Nummi account?

Login to your back office, navigate to profile > password, from there you must provide current password before you can change your password. An email will be sent to the registered email address to verify the change of password.

Is it legal to make these transactions?

Our transactions are 100% legal, since they consist of a purchase and / or sale of a virtual asset. There is no flight of capital and therefore the economy of any country is not harmed and has no influence from exchange restrictions.

What do I do if I have a problem?

On our website, click on support and you will find tons of self-help information just type what problem you have and mostly liked there will be solution already posted. If your problem is still not resolved, you may contact our support team by login into your back office and creating a support ticket.

Can my account be suspended?

Yes, your account can be suspended. If you do not comply with some of the points indicated in our User Agreement, your account may be suspended in whole or in part. It is important that you make sure you adhere to the terms of use and not be involved in any illegal activities as that will have your account permanently suspended.

What do I have to do if my account is suspended?

The first thing you should do is get in touch with us. You will always be notified via email of everything that happens with your account, including suspensions and penalties, and you will always be told what to do.